Saving Money - Makes Cents!

                                          MY STORY

            Hi, My name is John Bellamy. I had a struggled with my weight for most of my life. At one point I reached 355lbs. I tried almost every diet you can think of from Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers and finally Ideal Protein. I had many ups and downs for sure. Ideal protein was the only thing that worked while teaching me how to keep the weight off long term. BUT it was so expensive, for me, and the financial burden was a strain on my family!

            On Ideal Protein I lost over 70lbs in the first 11 weeks. I liked the food and felt full. However, I was personally paying over $100 a week for the food plus $100’s more for vitamins, supplements, office visits and “weigh-ins” each week. (Your costs could be more or less depending on what your local Ideal Protein clinic charges) I kept paying because I saw great results in both myself and my friends on the diet. It was a financial strain to say the least. I personally spent over $1900 in 11 weeks! My local chiropractor’s office charged me $250 just to get started…

            Finally, a friend introduced me to some other products that were up to 70% less than what I was personally paying for Ideal Protein. (Your costs could be more or less depending on what your local Ideal Protein clinic charges) I was hesitant but after a lot of research I decided to give these products a try. I ended up losing 30lbs in the next 4 weeks! Obviously, I became an advocate for these products as they helped change my life!

           After helping many family and friends do the same diet with great results I started the Cents*able Diet because “Saving Money Makes Cents”. My plan is a culmination of all the information I've learned on my journey that has seen me lose over 140lbs! I created this site as a resource for recipes, tips and suggestions. Feel free to share your success stories and ask questions as you start this journey.

Thanks so much and good luck!